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Leak testers

We produce leak-measurement computers/leak testers and leak detection test leaks for all testing methods. We calibrate your measuring equipment to the site calibration certificate or the DAkkS certificate either in our laboratory or at your premises.

Quick connectors

We produce quick connectors for all diameters, threads, flanges, hoses and connectors - also in a number of specific shapes.

They enable a fast and tight “Connection” also on non-round and cast surfaces.
Pressure tight in a matter of seconds!

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Test benches

Since 1983 we have been developing and producing test benches according to our customers' requirements for leak testing, flow testing, pressure testing, burst testing and leak detection for all technical gases - from a manual work station up to fully automatic test benches.

more than 30 years innomatec - worldwide

We are the only manufacturer of leak testing devices selling products around the world and at the same time offering the best device servicing.

innomatec Academy

In our academy, you will learn everything about the topic of "Tightness testing in industrial applications". Our program consists of both theoretical and practical units and is ideally suited for all who are faced with the issue of leak tightness in the areas of quality assurance, planning of production processes and production.

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Leak testing medical devices

MedicalWe understand the stringent guidelines for device testing in the medical industry and offer reliable leak, flow and blockage leak test computers that can be configured to meet your exact requirements. These different test methods are used to check catheters, bags and other medical devices for leaks.

Contact us at medical@innomatec.de to discuss your specific test criteria.