Everything you need to
leak test EV batteries and
cooling circuits in one case.

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Every tested product is a piece of certainty
The quality of your product is vital—for your customers and for your company. Avoid surprises: rely on our 40+ years of experience in functional, leak, and flow testing.
innomatec's connec® quick connector system offers high-quality, simple and cost-effective leak test sealing for all diameters, threads, flanges, hoses and connectors.
Our leak test solutions help you compensate for factors like part size, leak rate, temperature, and part expansion, delivering the most effective test.

We test the tightness of your products.
Check out our variety of solutions.

As a full-range supplier for function and leak testing and flow measurements, we offer all, and we really mean all, leak test methods. Whether water, air, helium, nitrogen or forming gas, we are always in our element.

That's what makes us unique in the industry. Discover our unique range of solutions from A for Automatic Robotic Leak Detection to Z like Zero Function in trace gas analysis.

Special requests?
They are standard to us.

Every component is tested differently, with its own requirements, specifications, and test environment. Our standard and field-proven test modules allow you to meet these requirements. We make it easier to get the test you need.

Whether as a single module or integrated into your system, innomatec products are modular in design and ready to adapt to your application.


User-friendly, fast and safe: our leak test computers work for all test methods.


Over 1,000 pressure-tight connection types for all diameters, threads, flanges, hoses, connectors.


Customized, turnkey and process-reliable: for individual and random samples or for full integration into your production line.

If it is conceivable, it is also feasible.

Every new inquiry spurs us on, every new challenge awakens our inventive spirit. We test an electric toothbrush just as precisely and conscientiously as a pacemaker.

Our experience in a range of industries gives us an in-depth understanding of your specific requirements. Whether automotive, medical devices, household appliances or electric vehicles – we’ve earned the trust of renowned national and international manufacturers.

Leak Test Training

Leak Test Training: Learn from the Experts

Register for our innomatec Academy to learn everything about leak testing in industrial applications. Our program consists of both theoretical and practical units to help quality assurance, production process planning, and production team members effectively manage leak testing. We can also provide customized sessions specifically to meet your requirements.

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