Configurable Leak Test Computer

The LTC-502 leak test computer is the economical entry-level model of our proven leak test instrument series. It’s the perfect entry into leak testing or for simple testing tasks. The device provides fast and precise measurements and is available for common leak test methods and volume measurements. A guarantee for reliability and flexibility. The sophisticated instrument concept and intuitive control via the 4-line, illuminated display make the LTC-502 particularly easy to use.

  • Affordable entry-level model
  • Fast & accurate measurements
  • Flexible and reliable
  • Simple operation and intuitive control
  • Possibility of integration into test sequences

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Low-cost leak testing with many features

The LTC-502 is upgradeable with all types of mass storage devices and hard drives. It can be integrated into fully automated testing machines and sequences using the numerous interfaces and is capable of directly controlling small fixtures. There is user management and the possibility of user-defined adaptation of language and measurement units. A ring buffer (FIFO) stores the last 2000 measurement results. The LTC-502 communicates directly with all peripheral devices for data transfer, management, evaluation and machine control.

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Key Specifications

The LTC-502 great flexibility at an affordable price.

  • Evaluation of pressure and/or flow
  • Customized sensors and actuators for any type of application

The main specifications are listed below. For the complete list, please register to download the LTC-502 Leak Test Computer brochure.

  • Test pressure accuracy ± 2 % of control range
  • Test pressure resolution 1 Pa
    Differential pressure sensor resolution 1 Pa
  • Flow accuracy ± 2 % of measuring range
  • Pressure ranges 2 mbar absolute to 500 bar relative
  • Flow ranges 1 ml/min to 450 l/min (more on request)
  • Volume ranges 1 ml to >1,000,000 ml

Leak test with the most connectivity options

The LTC-502 offers multiple options for communication with plant systems. Integration with existing IT infrastructure is easy, and data flow can be structured according to plant policies.

Communication protocols

The LTC-502 is a networked leak tester and can communicate over a wide range of network protocols used in the automation industry”

  • Digital IO Control
  • RS232
  • EtherCAT
  • DeviceNet

Supports typical peripherals

The LTC-502's full PC functionality allows it to connect and exchange data with typical peripherals, such as:

  • Barcode scanners
  • Part marking systems
  • Printers
  • RFID readers

Do you need a leak tester with extended functionality?

If you want to test larger volumes for your application, the LTC-802 M-Performance with its flexible application possibilities is exactly what you need.

Let’s find the right leak tester for your application!

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