About us

How it all began

innomatec Werkzeug und Maschinenelemente GmbH was founded in 1983 with the idea of the founder Wolfgang Schillings to replace all traditional leak measuring methods, such as underwater testing, with computer-controlled leak testing devices and procedures. In addition he did not just want to sell test devices but also offer clients ready-made solutions around the theme of leak testing.

The energetic support of his wife Jutta Schillings and his son Mike Schillings, who joined the family firm in 1991, helped build a traditional success-oriented family company that began to bear fruit right in the early stages.

Based on the very successful introduction of the first leak testing systems and leak measurement computers in Germany, innomatec has built up a unique network of sales staff and service technicians currently present in 18 countries. This includes the Dutch sales presence, one of the first in 1988.

Sales manager Mike Schillings, responsible for significantly expanding business at home and abroad, took over the management of the company that is steeped in tradition in 2005.

The name was changed in 2006 to innomatec Test- und Sonderanlagen GmbH (innomatec Test and Customised Systems) in order to better identify innomatec's core competences.

Splitting of innomatec Test- und Sonderanlagen GmbH and founding on 01.06.2013 of a subsidiary operation, innomatec Mess- und Schnellanschluss-Systeme GmbH.

innomatec Test- und Sonderanlagen GmbH, still located at Wörtzgarten 12, D-65510 Idstein, focuses its core skills on designing and producing function and leak test benches as well as flow and helium test benches. Measurement devices and quick connectors that have been proving themselves for over three decades are also put to use here in systems engineering.

The new innomatec Mess- und Schnellanschluss-Systeme GmbH, located at Wörtzgarten 14, D-65510 Idstein, focuses its core skills on developing and producing leak measurement computers and flow test benches, as well as quick connector systems for lightning-fast pressure-tight connections.