Configurable Single Channel Leak Test Computer

The LTC-802 high-precision leak tester is a versatile single-channel system that provides reliable and repeatable results for a variety of leak testing methods. Unlike other leak testers, the LTC-802 can be tailored to the customer's workflow, providing the flexibility to meet specific requirements. Whether a standard or non-standard leak test task, each instrument is optimized for the resolution and operating range of the part being tested - from small to large volumes, from vacuum to high pressure, from mass flow to differential pressure.

  • Versatile and flexible use
  • User-friendly operation
  • Adaptation to specific test requirements
  • Intuitive interfaces
  • Integration into production line

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Designed to address the needs of today’s factories

The LTC-802’s intuitive interfaces are as easy to use as a smartphone and can be used to control the process whether a PLC is present or not. The leak test computer has extensive communication capabilities to facilitate the integration of leak testing into the production line. There are numerous options for test data management and reporting. With the LTC-802, everything is possible in a single device.

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Key Specifications

The LTC-802 offers the right leak testing solution for every application.

  • Evaluation of pressure and/or flow
  • Customized sensors and actuators for every type of application.

The main specifications are listed below. For the complete list of specifications, please register to download the LTC-802 Leak Test Computer brochure.

  • Test pressure accuracy ± 2 % of control range
  • Test pressure resolution 1 Pa
    Differential pressure sensor resolution 0.01 pa
  • Flow accuracy ± 2 % of measuring range
  • Pressure ranges 2 mbar absolute to 500 bar relative
  • Flow ranges 1 ml/min to 450 l/min (more on request)
  • Volume ranges 1 ml to >1,000,000 ml

The LTC-802 offers several options for communication with plant systems. Integration with existing IT infrastructure is easy, and data flow can be structured according to plant policies.

Leak-tight communication protocols

The LTC-802 is a networked leak tester and can communicate over a wide range of network protocols used in the automation industry:

  • Digital IO Control
  • RS232
  • EtherCAT
  • EtherNet/IP
  • DeviceNet
  • OPC UA
  • TCP/IP (RawSockets, ZMQ, activeMQ, etc.)

Custom protocols can be implemented quickly by innomatec's team. Results, diagrams, and pressure curves are available via WindowsShares or FTP.

Supports common peripherals

The LTC-802's PC functionality allows it to connect and exchange data with typical peripherals, such as:

  • Barcode scanners
  • Part marking systems
  • Printers
  • RFID readers

Testing made better and easier

The LTC-802 supports different operating options in order to provide maximum comfort for any requirement:

Language selection menu

Parameter entry menu

Graphics menu

Measuring results menu

USB functions menu

Measuring units selection

  • Resistive touchscreen provides easy controlling with your fingers, even with gloves
  • Wireless mouse operation
  • Control via smartphone / tablet (using browser and WiFi)

The menu navigation meets the latest ergonomic requirements and can be controlled easily and intuitively.

Do you need a multi-channel leak tester?

If you need more than one channel for your application, the LTC-902 is the right choice with many of the same features as the LTC-802.

Let’s find the right leak tester for your application!

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