Turnkey solutions

Ready-to-use solutions

  • innomatec develops and produces the most user-friendly, quickest and most reliable flow and leak testing devices on the market. They give our customers the freedom to concentrate on further increasing the quality of their own products and at the same time producing them in quicker, more secure and more improved processes.
  • By bringing together in-house specialist departments such as design, specialist systems and electrical control construction, measurement procedure engineering, measuring device manufacture, after-sales service and, last but not least, the quick connector department for manufacturing pressure-tight connections in seconds, the founder of the company was able to offer and produce under one roof complete ready-to-use systems for all common test procedures and underwater visual inspections, pressure and flow testing, low and high pressure testing up to 500 bar and trace gas test benches.
  • This minimises loss of communication between the various sites and allows our clients to access the best, most practical and economic solutions based and expanded on years of experience.
  • With a closely linked worldwide network of partners we also offer our clients optimum servicing of products manufactured by us and beyond.
  • Added to this are the bespoke servicing and maintenance offers that also provide optimum care for our clients' machines long after they have been commissioned.
  • There are currently 18 innomatec partner companies spread across the world's industrial nations.
  • We are the only manufacturer of leak testing devices selling products around the world and at the same time offering the best device servicing.
  • innomatec is so successful because we invest more in the research and development of new technology and devices than any other in the industry.