GWA quick connector

Utilization: The innomatec connec ® Quick Connector System Typ GWA closes outer threads or connects them with a circulation system. Sealing surfaces and high tolerances samples are axially sealed.

Functionality and Method of Operations: The innomatec connec ® Quick Connector System Type GWA is simply manually tightly screwed into the sample connection until the seal physically touches the counterpart. The Quick Connection ensures a pressure tight connection up to 340 bar during system pressurization. The sample can now be inserted with the pressure medium. After sample is completed, the test pressure relaxes. The Quick Connection can then be unscrewed by hand.

Sealed System: The innomatec connec ® Quick Connector System has an excellent degree of sealing (and is helium-proof). Rubber washer half-lives are appropriated based on routine aptitude. The change in sealing rubber washers can be very easy and does not necessitate the use of tools.