KI-M quick connector

Utilization: The innomatec connec ® Quick Connector System Typ KI closes drill holes and connects them with a circulation system. Oval, rough and cast surfaces along with high tolerances samples are radially sealed.

Functionality and Method of Operations: The innomatec connec ® Quick Connector System Type KI can be loaded with a sample manually or with an automatic tool. The Quick Connector is pneumatically activated with a pressurized air system. Sealing occurs with an elastic rubber washer. The system is filled or sealed through the tested connection. After the test is complete, the test connection is depressurized, the sealing ring relaxes, and the connection can be removed. Whether the connection must be armed with a sliding barrier depends on the diameter, working pressure, and surface properties (oiled, etc.),

Sealed System: The innomatec connec ® Quick Connector System has an excellent degree of sealing (and is helium-proof). The o-ring half-lives are appropriated based on routine aptitude. The change in the sealing rubber washers can be very easy and does not necessitate the use of tools.

Special Implementations: There are a number of special implementations for specific uses with motion limitation, sliding barriers, support hulls for specific environmental conditions. For specific utilizations, the connection measurements and individual parts can be adjusted to the task. We welcome any of your questions. Please use our checklist for this purpose.