Leak measurement computer / leak tester LTC-802

The versatile allrounder is easy to use and works quickly,
safely and with high precision. The LTC-802 sets new standards in
industrial leak testing and fl ow measurement.

Product video

Productvideo innomatec Test und Sonderanlagen GmbH -
Leak Tester LTC-802 & LTC-902

A specialist for all situations

  • Differential pressure method
  • Pressure increase method
  • Flow method
  • Mass fl ow method
  • Dosing method
  • Volume measurements
It is suitable for all types of functional leakages:
  • Test times from milliseconds to minutes
  • Test volumes of a few millilitres up to more than 100 litres
  • Also in continuous operation of serial production

The compact LTC-802 is available in different designs and can
easily be adapted to individual or fi eld-specifi c requirements
The LTC-802 has all common interfaces thanks to the hybrid
concept with full PC-functionality. Therefore, it can be integrated
easily in different networks and variably equipped with peripherals:
  • LAN/WiFi,
  • Profi bus
  • Profi net
  • Direct PLC control
  • Printer output
As a standard, the following connections are available for data
exchange with PC-peripherals such as scanners, marking units
and RFID readers:
  • Digital inputs and outputs
  • USB
  • RS232
  • HDMI
Furthermore, the leakage calibrator AF-1000 can be controlled
  • Leak-measurement computer for industrial applications
  • 7" Touchscreen and one-button operation
  • State-of-the-art measuring pneumatics for extremely short test times
  • Full PC-functionality
  • Submenu with intuitive operation
  • All measuring data at a glance
  • Presentation of measuring curve with zoom functions
  • Parameter sets for 200 programs
  • Traceability of every parameter change
  • Display of customer product photos for each parameter set
  • External parameter management via Excel
  • External parameter management and result storage via server
  • Web service
  • Result displayed as differential pressure or fl ow
  • Storage of the last 1 million measuring results
  • Storage of the last 50 measuring graphics
  • Statistics function and measurement data management
  • Screen shot function also for individual documentation
  • International measurement units and languages free selectable
  • Extra features: subsequent tests, copying, series leak,
  • continuous testing as series standard
  • Automatic parameter determination
  • Automatic offset correction
  • Interfaces for PLC, printer, mouse, keyboard, scanner
  • 3 x USB-interfaces, HDMI interface
  • Ethernet-interface, RS-232 interface
  • Programmable input/output allocation for PLC interface
  • Software update, language modules via USB-stick
  • Small programmable machine control fl ow
  • Devices for all pressure and fl ow measurements

  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Volume and storage pressure measurement
  • Direct data exchange with leakage calibrator AF-1000
  • Toolbar with variants for the measurin

Testing made better and easier

The LTC-802 supports different operating options in order to provide maximum comfort for any requirement:
  • Language selection menu
    Language selection menu
  • Parameter entry menu
    Parameter entry menu
  • Graphics menu
    Graphics menu
  • Measuring results menu
    Measuring results menu
  • USB functions menu
    USB functions menu
  • Measuring units selection
    Measuring units selection
  • Touchscreen (resistive) for controlling with your fi ngers (even with gloves)
  • Classic rotary/push-button control
  • (Wireless) mouse operation
  • Control per smartphone / tablet (via browser and WiFi)The menu complies with the latest ergonomic requirements and can be controlled easily and intuitively.
Furthermore, upcoming test tasks are simplifi ed by:
  • Graphic displays
  • Results table
  • Automatic storage
  • User administration
  • Diagnosis programs

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