LTC-802 M-Performance

Leak measurement computer / leak tester LTC-802 M-Performance

Leak Testing for Large Volumes

The LTC-802 M-Performance from innomatec is a new leak testing solution that offers numerous advantages for quality assurance. The instrument enables direct and highly precise measurement of the leak rate without a reference volume. Due to the optimised design using high-precision measurement technology, manufacturers can very flexibly test not only parts as small as 10 milliliters, but also components with very large volumes of up to 200 liters for leaks – with leak rates from two milliliters/minute.

The key benefits of the LTC-802 M-Performance in optimising your leakage test

  • Users can measure the leakage rate quickly and directly via the mass flow cell. The LTC-802 M-Performance eliminates the time-consuming determination of the volume or the volume factor. A conversion from pressure drop to leakage rate, as well as a conversion by means of volume factor are no longer necessary, as no reference volume is required.
  • Since the DUT volume is no longer relevant and volume determination is no longer necessary, the process of initial setup and calibration can be much faster. The solution is available "plug-and-play".
  • Minor volume changes – for example, due to a component change in the concept or design phase – can be implemented without major changes to the program parameters.
  • Since no reference volume needs to be filled, companies can save compressed air with the LTC-802 M-Performance and thus contribute to sustainable production.

Innovation thought through to the finish

Supported Ranges





Limit leak rate

2 ml/min

540 ml/min

Test pressure

0,01 bar

1,8 bar

Theoretical pressure drop

0,3 Pa/s

99960 Pa/s


10 ml

200 l

Review the datasheet for a comprehensive overview of performance features, the application possibilities and technical data of the LTC-802 M-Performance.

Suitable for a wide range of large volume leak test applications

The internal volume of components to be leak tested can vary greatly between the prototype phase and series production, which makes leak testing during development even more challenging. As the LTC-802 M-Performance is ideally suited for the quality assurance of components whose volume varies, you can use it from the first development phase for leak detection, for assemblies such as:

  • Batteries, battery packs and battery trays
  • Inverter/Converter
  • Fuel tanks
  • Intercoolers and heat exchangers
  • Engines, gearboxes, drivelines
and much more

Your efficient quality assurance is our focus

With the new LTC-802 M-Performance, you can significantly increase your efficiency in quality assurance and optimize your production processes:

  • Reduce your testing times: The new solution from innomatec enables companies to achieve cycle time savings of up to 20 percent - comprehensive tests at customers' sites as well as in our laboratories prove this.
  • Increase your throughput: Thanks to the significantly reduced testing times, you can also increase your throughput by 20 percent and shorten your production cycles with the LTC-802 M-Performance.
  • Reduce your capital expenditure: Since you can achieve a much higher throughput with the LTC-802 M-Performance, you can also save on measurement equipment required to meet production goals.
  • Benefit from maximum user-friendliness: The user interface of the LTC-802 M-Performance is intuitive, not error-prone and is similar to innomatec's existing leak testing products.
  • Rely on proven quality: Based on the same software and hardware platform as the LTC-802, users can rely on innomatec's proven quality and history of innovation for advanced capabilities for large-volume leak testing.

How a manufacturer reduced leak test cycle time by 20%

innomatec has tested the LTC-802 M-Performance extensively over a period of two years, both at selected customers' sites and in our own laboratory. In this time, customers have tested over 120,000 parts in production and innomatec has performed several million measurements with the new device.

In our user report, you can learn about the performance improvements made possible by the LTC-802 M-Performance based on a specific example. Find out how you too can significantly shorten your cycle times and achieve a significant increase in output.

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