Medipac/bag leak test device

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Product description

The Medipac bag leak test device is a stand-alone table-top device for the automated testing for leaks in sterile or non-sterile packed medical and pharmaceutical products sealed in bags.

However, it can also be used in other sectors where packaging is to be tested.

It is used for both random samples and 100% checks in small and medium quantities, and by means of validated software meets the high requirements for medical equipment.

The replaceable test piece holders and changing the test programme allow the device to be used for different shapes and sizes of bags. Examples of typically packed sterile products are medicines, dental implants or surgical suture kits. Users and manufacturers of medical technology and pharmaceutical products.

Operating principle

  • The test piece is manually placed into the test device and either covered with a movable flap or slid into a test device.
  • Depending on the set-up, up to six test pieces can be tested simultaneously and independently of each other.
  • The test space is then sealed with a cover and evacuated.
  • A sealed bag expands in the vacuum, raises the flap by a specified amount and remains for a specified retention period of around 5 seconds in this position or, as may apply, activates a switch.
  • The bag is identified as leaking if the flap or the switch does not reach the pre-programmed position.
  • If the flap lowers during the retention period, then there is a slight leak or, as may apply, it is only airtight for a short period and it is also reported as rejected.
  • The test results can be obtained via an integrated printer or interfaces to a supervisory control system.
  • Configuration is by the user.
  • As a medical device, the leak test device is provided with validated software.


  • Testing under vacuum
  • Validated device software
  • Integrated stainless steel input keyboard and display
  • Integrated printer
  • Statistical functions
  • Optional barcode identification

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