Type GWA

GWA type quick connector system

For pressure and vacuum tests in components with external threads


The innomatec connec ® GWA type quick connector system seals external threads or connects them to a control system. Sealing surfaces as well as test pieces are sealed in an axial direction

Function and operation

The innomatec connec ® GWA type quick connector system is screwed hand-tight to the the test piece's connection until the seal sits on the counter piece. The quick connector guarantees a pressure-tight connection up to 340 bar if the system is pressurised. Testing can now take place by feeding the pressurised medium. Release the pressure after testing. The quick connector can be manually unscrewed again without tools.

Sealed system

The innomatec connec ® quick connector system has excellent sealing properties ('helium-tight'). The O-ring's product life is designed to be suitable for series production. O-rings are very easy to change.

Special designs

There are a number of special designs of the connection for specific applications or environmental conditions. The dimensions of the connection can be adapted to the task for specific cases. Also for individual pieces. We look forward to your enquiry. Please use our checklist to do this.


We can deliver the following as accessories:

  • assembled screw fittings for connection lines
  • shut-off valves for working fluid
  • blind plugs for working fluid

Typical fields of application

  • G-threads
  • NPT-threads /
  • Metric threads
  • SAE - threads
  • Threaded pinion complying with DIN 7361
  • Threaded pinion complying with DIN 7647

Technical data


Standard: stainless steel

Working Pressure

-1.0 bar to 340 bar
The connection must always be screwed on hand-tight.


Air pressure, helium, water.
Other mediums on request.


10 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius

Special designs on request.
Special rubber seals for use with food and medical applications. Temperature resistance up to 200 degrees Celsius and resistance to aggressive media.
You will find additional information in the corresponding Data sheet

Find your quick connector!

To find the perfect quick connector for your application, you can use the following checklist

Further detailed information in the data sheet / program Quick Connections (PDF) 

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