Type KA

KA type quick connector system / external connection

For pressure and vacuum tests in a range of external diameters of components


The innomatec connec ® KA type quick connector system seals tubes, connection pieces, hoses and all types of cylindrical bodies and connects them to the desired control system.. Oval, rough and cast surfaces with large sealing surface tolerance are sealed radially.

Functionality and Method of Operations

The innomatec connec ® Quick Connection System Type KA can be loaded with a sample manually or with an automatic tool.

Function and operation

The innomatec connec ® KA type quick connector system can be attached/presented to the test piece manually or with an automatic tool.
The quick connector is pneumatically activated with control air. A flexible rubber seal creates the seal. The system is filled or sealed via the test connection. After testing has been completed the control connection is vented, the seal de-pressurised and the connection can be removed/taken away. Depending on the diameter, working pressure or condition of the surface (oily etc.) the connection needs to be fitted with a slide barrier.

Sealed system

The innomatec connec ® quick connector system has excellent sealing properties ('helium-tight'). The rubber seal product life is designed to be suitable for series production. Rubber seals are very easy to change without tools.

Special designs

There are a number of special designs of the connection for specific applications with stroke limitation, sliding barriers, support hulls or special seals for specific environmental conditions. The dimensions of the connection can be adapted to the task for specific cases. Also for individual pieces. We look forward to your enquiry. Please use our checklist to do this.


We can deliver the following as accessories:
  • assembled screw connections for connection lines
  • mounted hand disc valve for controlling the connection
  • shut-off valve for the working fluid
  • blind plugs for working fluid
  • stroke limitation
  • floating bearing for use with machines

Typical examples of use

  • Smooth connection pipe
  • Connection piece with seam
  • Connection piece with “Christmas tree” profile
  • Flanged tube
  • Flanged connecting piece

Technical data


Standard: Aluminium, anodised
Special: stainless steel, brass, plastic PA

Controlled pressure

4.0 bar to 8.0 bar
-1 bar to 8.0 bar
The connection must be secured against slipping unless the sealing surfaces are dry.

Operating pressure

-1 bar to 8.0 bar
The connection must always be secure against sliding, except when the sealing surface is dry.


Air pressure, helium, water.
Other media are also supported upon request.

Sealing diameter

1.0 mm to 300 mm
The rubber seal can accommodate differences in diameter from 2.0 mm to 3.0 mm (diameter-dependent)


10 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius

Special designs on request.

Special rubber seals for use with food and medical applications. Temperature resistance up to 200 degrees Celsius and resistance to aggressive media.

Standard dimensions, type KA

Standard-Abmessungen Typ KA
The maximum test pressure can be found in column P2. This is only valid for ideal conditions (sealing surface clean, dry and processed). For higher test pressures or damp/oily surfaces, the quick connector must be secured against slipping.

Find your quick connector!

To find the perfect quick connector for your application, you can use the following checklist

Further detailed information in the data sheet / program Quick Connections (PDF) 

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